She paints "for the Love of it," she says. The Love of painting and Love of The Glades. The Love of "The Chase". Chasing wildlife. Especially chasing Swallowtail Kites. (She mentions Kites several times ...)
This is Your Opportunity to see and 

Marilynn Shepherd


Guy's widow Pat, who will bring much of Guy's artwork, will speak in the Gallery New Year's Day during our Hoppin' John's Music Fest & PotLuck "dinner" 11am - 5pm

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the Gray Gallery

Take the first opportunity that comes your way (or MAKE ONE) to come see The Gray Gallery at Florida Wildflower Studios. ​

This is a Must-See Show.

Florida Wildflower Studios (12 E Wall St., Frostproof) is open M-F, 9-5 and most Saturdays (CALL FOR WEEKEND HOURS INFO 863-206-9691 or 863-855-8525).


Guy LaBree

Make it Count,

Guy LaBree

share the Love of one of the state's Premier Artists. 

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Florida Artist of the Seminoles

See Guy's artwork here!

Now through Nov. 17. 
(Our "Meet & Greet" for Marilynn is Nov. 17, 2-6pm)
Marilynn Shepherd's paintings are on display in The Gray Gallery at Florida Wildflower Studios, 12 E Wall St, Frostproof, through Nov. 17.


Guy LaBree

Guy LaBree, widely known as Florida Artist of the Seminole Indians, died New Year's Day 2015 at age 73 - just days after completing his last painting. Honored repeatedly during his lifetime by an array of institutions for his stellar art, including the Florida Folk Heritage Award, Guy was famous for his accuracy in representing Seminole life.
He was nominated for the Heritage Award by Seminole Chairman James E. Billie, who wrote: “I have seen many famous artists and their paintings of Seminoles and Seminole life. Guy LaBree, however, tops them all with his accurate depictions of the way of life of the Seminole.”
His work also hangs in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. as well as in several Seminole Indian government buildings.

Coming to the Gray Gallery Nov. 19,

At right, famed Florida Artist Guy LaBree is seen during an appearance at Lake Wales Public Library April 10, 2010. LaBree died New Year's Day, 2015. Florida Wildflower Studios will display his artwork Nov. 19 - Jan 1, 2019

Florida artist Marilynn Shepherd says she absolutely Loves her "family." And while she quite clearly loves her blood-relatives,  (parents, husband, children, etc) she's referring here to her "other" family: Wildlife. The Great Outdoors. Especially The Everglades. 
"The Glades was my father's World," she said. "I Love The Glades."
And she Loves painting. 

Artist in Love

Join us for a Reception 

Nov. 17, 2-6pm

She "caught" much of The Love - both her love of painting and her love of The Great Outdoors (Especially the Everglades) - from Sam Vinikoff. Sam died in 2010 at age 91, but not before touring and painting "every inch of The Glades" with Marilynn at the wheel. 
Self-taught as a young girl, she put her growing love for painting aside while she raised her children, but returned to her life-work with a passion when the kids went off to college.

The art of Guy LaBree