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the Gray Gallery

Take the first opportunity that comes your way (or MAKE ONE) to come see The Gray Gallery at Florida Wildflower Studios. ​

This is a Must-See Show.

Florida Wildflower Studios (12 E Wall St., Frostproof) is open M-F, 9-5 and most Saturdays (CALL FOR WEEKEND HOURS INFO 863-206-9691 or 863-855-8525).


Master of Miniatures Sharon Creedon teaches frequent "miniature art" classes here at our studios. 

Lyle Smith's Venetian scene is one of our larger "minis" at 3.5" x 5.5"

Now up in our Gray Gallery, "The Big Show of Miniatures" through April 26. Let's get Big in a small way! The detail in these tiny majestic works of art is stunning: Many are best viewed through a magnifying glass. 
Most of these pieces are square-ish, but that's certainly not a requirement: Some are painted on small irons; one is painted on (in) a piece of cypress wood just 5 1/2 tall. That gorgeous 3" x 4" image is inside a natural concavity. 
The widest one brought in is David Harrell's 2.75" x 8.25" cowboy scene which is actually slightly smaller than the 25-square-inch maximum. It's absolutely stunning, as are the other tiny works of art. This display is a must-see collection of fantastic talent.
Come take a look-see!

Come enjoy the work of a veritable plethora of local artists, just a little bit at a time:

It's a display of Miniature Art.

The larger tree picture atop the cabinet at left is just under 3" wide


FWS is a community-oriented working art studio and gallery 
12 E Wall St. Frostproof, FL 33843
 (For more information about any of our events,

call 863-206-9691 or 863-258-7229.)

it's such a small thing ...