A steady stream of well-wishers appeared,

and did exactly that 

Maybe it didn't look like much July 1, 2017, when this picture was made, but, our having been members of Frostproof Art League in years past, we knew the building well and loved it 

and the memories it held. 

Above right, longtime Art League member Deb Lewis visits and is glad to see the Gallery coming back to life.

Above, our longtime Davenport friends Peter & Harriet Rust stopped in to offer assistance (and some of their art collection for our Grand Blossoming).

In the Beginning ...

Three weeks later, Chip's daughter Arrin shows up (from Utah) to see what Dad's up to now ... Happens to bring a friend 

(& some family), they all pitch in to help. It's starting to look like something's happening in there ...

12 E. Wall St., Frostproof, Fla.