Everybody nowadays has a digital camera, one that requires absolutely no knowledge of "photography" to create really nice pictures much of the time. There are, however, lots of situations where the automatic features of the camera do not "get exactly what I saw." 

Let's talk about that.

If you'd like to participate in discussions about ANY aspect of photography, please come to our photography club meetings.

Please note that we've started a Facebook page where we can all post photos. It's www.facebook.com/Frostproof Photography Club Group, and you can post photos there and ask for group comments (or not). The idea here is to improve our photography and Have Fun Doing So!

in dozens of books and magazines, brings to us a strong education and conservation vision. Nature education is his primary goal and, while he is a wildlife painter (a good one) as well as a wildlife photographer, his use of those media is just a tool with which he tries to bring to us his awareness - and love - of the natural world. Reinier will address attendees at the December 15 (9-noon) meeting of Florida Wildflower Studios Photo Club (12 E Wall St, Frostproof). See Reinier's work at Wildstockphoto.com

Photography Club/Class Meets Here!

Let's talk about this:



Official Club/Class Dates:

the Third Saturday morning

Next meeting, Dec 15, 9am.

AND - at this meeting our guest speaker is Reinier Mungia!

Here's a Don't Miss Chance of a Lifetime opportunity to grab some knowledge from one of the Very Best photographers in the world. Lakeland's Reinier Mungia, a world traveler whose work has appeared