Mac MacMillan proves that Bigger is Bigger!

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If only you'd been here ...

This is so much fun- for All Involved!

Note - The red color in the image at left is the "cafeteria tray" in which the canvas was poured. The trays are used to keep excess paint in one place ...

Here's a veritable Pageful of Photos from the Nov 2018 Paint-Pour Class here at Florida Wildflower Studios. We'll let you know when the next such class is scheduled

Art Classes/lessons

Below are some photos from our earlier Paint-Pouring events.


Three more exquisite examples of recent Cigar Box Pours

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It's not too late: Call for details about the next class ...

I'm not going to try to ID any of the people in the pictures...
ENJOY! Call 863-206-9691 or 863-855-8525 for info on the next class