Widely acclaimed (here in the gallery in the area around my desk) as The Most Fun Art-Thing Ever, our Paint-Pouring Parties are, in fact, So Much Fun that We're Doing It Again.

Next class is Nov. 13, 10a-1pm, and features Cigar-Box pouring.

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Above, from left, Dana, Melinda and Judy mix their ingredients before pouring begins



In the photo sequence above, Jacque is seen 1) Mixing paint; 2) holding the cup in place; 3) Moving and squeezing the cup;  4) Lifting the cup from the canvas; 5) Tilting the canvas just a bit; and 6) Tilting the canvas to distribute the colors to her satisfaction


The two images below are recent Cigar-Box Pours

Paint-Pour Party

Coming Nov 13

At Right, the Amazing Mac MacMillan demonstrates that we have no restriction in the Gallery as to how much Fun each Member is allowed

This was so much fun- for All Involved!


Above at right, Pixie tilts her small canvas as Melinda, at rear, does likewise


Above, Brett, mom Pia and sister Ava work on their projects

The photo sequence above shows the first of three "pours" everyone did,  the first being a 3x4" Trial/Sample/Example" to let everyone get their feet wet (so to speak) ... The 3x4" was followed by a 5x7" then a larger piece.

Photography Club, Third Saturday 9 am- noon

Songwriters Community, Third Saturday 2-5 pm

Art Classes/lessons

Below are some photos from our earlier Paint-Pouring events.


The next episode of our Extremely Popular Paint-Pouring Class is set for Tuesday, Nov 13, when we'll pour cigar boxes. If you haven't experienced the thrill of this relatively new technique, This is your chance! 

Sign up asap - this class will fill up quickly. It's so much fun, it'll probably be outlawed soon ...

Three more exquisite examples of Cigar Box Pours

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