Marilynn Shepherd 

Natural Florida by Marilynn Shepherd is in our Gray Gallery NOW thru Nov. 17
Marilynn Shepherd’s family goes back for generations in Florida giving her a great appreciation for the beauty of the state. She strives to paint realistic natural landscapes, coastal scenes and the back country of “old Florida” that is still here today.
Marilynn paints in oils because they are rich in color like the places she paints. Oils dry slowly and allow time for blending in the depth and details. Her work is a form of praise and gratitude for God’s blessings around us.

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Guy LaBree,

Barefoot Artist of the Seminoles 

Marilynn Shepherd



Works by famed Florida artist Guy LaBree, known as Barefoot Artist of the Seminoles, will be on display in our Gray Gallery Nov. 19 thru New Year's Day 2019
The Late Guy LaBree, self-taught artist and cultural advocate, grew up near the Seminole Reservation in Hollywood, Florida. His early interactions with members of the Seminole Tribe fueled a lifelong passion for their traditional way of life. 

Florida native paints what state once was

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