In-House Artists and Teachers

Jacque Palomaki- Teacher, Florida Landscapes and Wildlife in Acrylic

Chip Newton, Photographer, Hosts Photo Club

Vicki Alley- Teacher of Decorative Art &Friday Night Paint Party

Richard Powers - Wildlife and Landscapes in Acrylic

Susan Aschenbrenner - Oils and Acrylics

Dana Daydodge - Watercolor

Robert MacMillan - Drawing and Acrylic Painting Teacher

Sharon Creedon - Card-Making, Miniature Painting, Acrylic

Member Exhibitors:

Maggie Bartel - Acrylics and Oil

Lori Bartel - Acrylics

Robert MacMillan - Everything ...

Richard Powers - Acrylics

David Harrell - Acrylics

Dana Daydodge - Watercolor

Vicky Alley - Jewelry

Dayle Dierks - Photography

Mike Thornton - Photography

Linda Peterson - Photography

Terry Mann - Photography

Don Porter-Watercolor

Jim Trice- Acrylic